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The Stamford Primary School (SPS) Science Programme aims to develop inquiring learners equipped with Science process skills and knowledge.

We believe that children are curious and want to explore the things around them. SPS leverages on this and seeks to fuel this spirit of curiosity. The end goal is to develop pupils who enjoy Science and value Science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world.

SPS teachers are the leaders of inquiry in the Science classroom. Our Science teachers impart the excitement and value of Science to their pupils. They are facilitators and role models of the inquiry process in the classrooms. They create a learning environment that will encourage and challenge pupils to develop their sense of inquiry. Teaching and learning approaches centre around the pupil as an inquirer.


Inquiry-based Science Classroom

The school adopts inquiry-based science instruction to engage our pupils in Science learning and arouses pupils' natural curiosity about the world around them while developing science process skills.

To have rich experiential learning, all P3- P6 pupils are given opportunity to carry out hands-on activities in the Science room to collaborate, communicate and discover science concepts .

Outdoor Learning

The school conducts outdoor learning for the pupils. Outdoors and the wider community provide rich learning environments. Pupils learn and play in real settings and apply skills to make connections across subject areas to see the relevance of Science. Our outdoor learning consists of the following programmes:

P3 - Sprout a seed
P4 - Hydroponics
P5 - Learning trail in our school garden
P6 - Mindfest at Science Centre

Talent Development Programme

The school develops a 4 year high ability programme to develop our high ability learners' creative thinking skills and research skills progressively.
Our high ability curriculum consists of the following:
Basic ( P3) - Research skills
Intermediate( P4) - Investigation skills
Advanced I ( P5) - Open inquiry I
Advanced II ( P6) - Open inquiry II

Science Ambassadors Programme

The school also provides training and platforms for our Science ambassadors to develop organization skills and promote the passion of learning Science. They are given opportunities to organise Science Day programmes to promote the love of learning Science.