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Student Care Centre

Stamford CareHut is a school-based student care centre run by Care Community Services Society. Located within the premises of the school, it provides children with a safe and nurturing environment to go to after school ends each day. The Care Hut programme aims to build positive character values in children and help them discover their potential. Strong collaboration with Stamford Primary School's management and teachers also allows CareHut staff to monitor closely the holistic development of our children. The availability of different school facilities (e.g. classroom, sports facilities) after school hours, further allows children to enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Key programme features at CareHut include supervised homework time, holiday outings/programmes, character development programme and fun activities to spur children's interest in learning. Priority for enrolment is given to children from low income and single-parent families. Eligible children can also receive government subsidies for the CareHut fees.