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Principal's Message


13 November 2014 saw the congregating of principals and teachers, parents and students, friends and partners, of past and present to commemorate and celebrate thirtyyears of nurture of the children in this community, and beyond. Themed “ A Legacy of Success, a Vision of Significance: Celebrating 3 Decades of Nurture ”, our school’s 30 th anniversary was a significant moment when the whole community paused to look back, so as to look forward.  And we committed ourselves to take the building blocks of the past, to lay the foundation stones and to build the future generations.


In the days ahead, Stamford Primary School will continue on its mission to nurture many more generations of Stamfordians – who will go on to significance, who will go on to care for and contribute significantly to the community and society. We want our Stamfordians to be competent academically – a strong grasp of mathematical and science concepts, and the languages will enable you to achieve what you want to achieve.  We also want them to be of good character, anchored on strong deep values.  Armed with both, they will be able to care and contribute significantly.



Robin Ong