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Principal's Message

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It’s been 2 years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Like all schools around the world, students and teachers in Singapore have been adapting to changes in teaching and learning. During this time, safe management measures and restrictions changed dynamically to counter the spread of the virus. All of us had to be flexible in following various practices such as checking-in to places via SafeEntry, getting vaccinated and engaging in home-based learning.

Resilient Stamfordians

Stamfordians (both staff and students) have done well in being socially responsible and adhering to precautionary measures including mask-wearing and maintaining good personal hygiene. Students have been carrying out the wipe down exercise diligently, performing the task to the best of their abilities. Student Safety Ambassadors have supported the community by reminding peers to practice social distancing. It is through constant communication of the rationale and intent of the initiatives, recognition of good efforts and role-modelling by staff that our students have inculcated these practices well.

Staff have also played their part by temporarily ceasing social gatherings at work and meeting online for professional development activities as far as possible. Being in a profession where social interaction is key, the adjustment has been tough for our staff – but we have overcome the challenges by keeping the students at the centre of what we do.

School Merger

The news of the school merger with Farrer Park Primary School came as another change for all of us. The merged school will start operations from January 2023, at the existing Farrer Park Primary site at 2 Farrer Park Road Singapore (217567).

Falling birth rates and uneven demand for school places across housing estates have rendered school mergers necessary to ensure an adequate number of students in each school for a meaningful educational experience.  This would allow every school to offer a good range of educational programmes and co-curricular activities to promote the holistic development of each child, catering to their strengths and interests. It is with these considerations that Stamford Primary School will be merged with Farrer Park Primary School.

We have planned a series of commemorative events this year before the merger and warmly welcome ex-students to join us. Please look out for more information on our school’s website or contact the school’s Administrative Manager, Mr Chew Lian Huat to register your interest.

Our School’s Philosophy & Values

Amidst the changes, our school philosophy and values have remained constant. Our firm belief that every child matters, has been the driving force behind our push for students to be given opportunities to actualise their potential in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, leadership, social and emotional domains. Our instructional and enrichment programmes are designed to cater to a broad range of students, recognising that each child is unique with different interests and talents.    

As we strive to equip our students to be future-ready with 21st century skills and competencies, we are also cognisant of the importance of instilling in them core values (Esprit De Corps, Never Give Up, Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Humility) and positive learning dispositions.

Our Commitment

We will continue to pursue our mission to nurture passionate learners who embody the Stamfordian values, ready to build a better tomorrow. It is our vision to be part of the school’s rich history to develop a Stamfordian community of learners, contributing to our country.

We thank our stakeholders for your support for Stamford Primary over the years, and would like to seek your continued support for the merged school.

Mdm Cassie Fan