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Principal's Message


After a series of re-envisioning exercises in 2018 and 2019 with our staff, the school has decided to strive towards nurturing passionate learners who embody the Stamfordian values, ready to build a better tomorrow, as our mission.  Our vision is to develop a Stamfordian community of learners, contributing to our future.

Unpacking Our Vision

In Stamford Primary, we refer to our student and staff as The Stamfordian’.   The Stamford identity is unique - it is inspired by the rich heritage of the school and is an embodiment of its core beliefs and values.

The community comprises both students and staff. Built upon care and respect for one another, it celebrates differences and synergises strengths, uplifting and inspiring its members to move forward.

We envision our students contributing to our future in different yet noble ways: by being good citizens and standing up for our shared national values and by actively participating in and contributing to the development of Singapore. 

We groom staff to be competent, collaborative and innovative to bring out the best in our students. We foster greater staff engagement by enhancing communication in the school, staff motivation and personal well-being.  We build on the Stamfordian identity of taking pride in our heritage and living out the ENRICH values.

Our School’s Philosophy & Values

Our firm belief that every child matters, has been the driving force behind our push for students to be given opportunities to actualize their potential in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, leadership, social and emotional domains.  Every child is unique and has different talents and interests.  Hence our instructional and enrichment programmes aim to appeal to a broad range of student interests.    

As we develop students holistically and equip them to be future-ready with 21st century skills and competencies, we are cognizant of the importance to anchor students in our core values (Esprit De Corps, Never Give Up, Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Humility (or ENRICH in short), learning dispositions and attitudes.   

Building Strategic Partnerships

We believe that every Stamfordian wants to do his/ her best and experience success, is worthy of respect, deserves to be heard and is able to value-add to the organization.  As such, our desire is to build robust and trusting relationships with Stamfordians and other key stakeholders, of which parents are our key partners-in-education. 

This year, the school welcomes a team of new key personnel to the leadership team.  We look forward to continue striving towards holistic student development and well-being of all members in the school.       

We thank all stakeholders who have contributed to the success of the school and partnered us to achieve our vision and mission thus far.  We look forward to another fruitful year ahead.


Mdm Cassie Fan