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Principal's Message

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Our school’s mission is to enable our Stamfordians to realize their potential and live fully for self and others through nurturing the whole child.  We believe that education must develop the whole child and hence our key focus is on holistic student development. 

In Stamford Primary, every child matters.  This philosophy has driven us to provide various opportunities for students to actualize their potential in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, leadership, social and emotional domains.  Every child is different and has different talents and interests.  Hence our instructional and enrichment programmes aim to appeal to a broad range of student interests.    

As we develop students holistically and equip them with the necessary 21st century skills and competencies, we are deeply cognizant of the importance in anchoring our students in core values, dispositions and attitudes including Esprit De Corps, Never-Give-Up, Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Humility (or ENRICH).   

We believe that every student and staff who joins the school wants to do his best, is worthy of respect, deserves to be heard and is able to value-add to the organization.  As such, it is our desire to build robust and trust-based relationships with our students, staff and other stakeholders including parents who are our partners-in-education.  As the school embarks on the next journey to envision with our new leadership team, we look forward to continue scaling greater heights through collaborative partnerships with our stakeholders.    

We wish to show our deepest appreciation to all stakeholders who have contributed to the success of the school all these years and have been working tirelessly with us to achieve our vision of developing Stamfordians of competence and character; one who cares and contributes to the community. 


Mdm Cassie Fan