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School Rules and Regulations

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Attendance in school is compulsory. Pupils are required to be in school no later than 7.30am.  Attendance will be taken by the first period of the day.
  • Absence from school must be followed up by a medical certificate and/or where appropriate, a letter of explanation from parents. 
Singing of National Anthem & Recitation of National Pledge
  • Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge.
  • Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

Attire and Appearance

School Uniform
  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.   
  • The school uniform should be worn on all days except on days where pupils have PE / PAL / MCCA lessons.   
  • The school uniform should also be worn on Wednesday morning assembly.
    (Pupils who have PE / PAL / MCCA  on Wednesday are to change into PE attire after assembly) 
  • The school uniform should be clean and neat at all times.
  • Pupils are to wear white canvas shoes with socks bought from the school vendor, with ‘Stamford Primary School’ embroidered on them. However, other white socks are also acceptable.
  • Socks must be above ankle ball, with no additional details.
  • Skirt length should be no more than 3 fingers above / below knee.    
  • Boy’s shorts should fit nicely.      
  • No jewellery and accessories are allowed to be worn.  
    Exceptions: girls can wear simple ear studs (plain design)
PE Attire
  • Pupils must wear PE attire (PE t-shirt and PE shorts) on days where there is PE / PAL / MCCA lesson.
  • Girls must wear PE t-shirt and school skirt, and change into their PE shorts during PE / PAL / MCCA lesson.
Hair for boys
  • Hair must be clearly above the collar and ears.      
  • Fringe touching eyebrows must be cut to appropriate length.
  • Must be clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.
  • Colouring of hair is disallowed.
  • No use of hair styling products (e.g.  gel and wax).
  • No trendy hairstyle.
Hair for girls
  • For girls, long hair should be tied neatly.
  • Fringe must be clipped up neatly if touching eyebrows.
  • Hair bands and clips must be simply designed in black or navy blue.
  • Colouring of hair is disallowed.
  • No use of hair styling products (e.g. gel and wax).
  • No trendy hairstyle.
  • Nails should be neatly trimmed.
  • No wearing of nail polish.
  • Jacket or cardigan can be used to keep warm. Jacket or cardigan must be plain in design without offensive pictures and words.

Code of Conduct

Pupils are to:
  • Be punctual for school and lessons.
  • Speak to everyone politely and respectfully.
  • Refrain from bringing any electronic devices or toys, except prescribed calculators and dictionaries.
  • Queue up to buy things.
  • Report any incident of bullying, vandalism, stealing or wrongful behaviour to the teachers and not take matters into their own hands.
  • Refrain from taking things that do not belong to them.
  • Respect others' property, handle them with care.
  • Obey all instructions from teachers and staff.
  • Take care of school property.
  • Do not consume food and drinks outside the school canteen.
  • Use the water cooler for refills. Do not go to the water cooler during curriculum time to drink.
Morning Assembly
  • Pupils should be at the hall /quadrangle once they are in school. 
  • Pupils who need to have their breakfast in school should do so before 7.15am.
  • Pupils should start silent reading upon arrival.
  • Pupils should not be playing.
  • Pupils should ask for permission from the teacher on duty if they need to visit the toilet.
Pupils are to:
  • Obey class rules.
  • Use six-inch voice when having discussions with classmates
  • Carry out classroom duties assigned.
  • Greet every teacher, staff and visitor who enters the classroom.
  • Keep the classroom and school, clean and litter free. 
  • Make sure that the tables and chairs are arranged neatly before dismissal every day.
Movement within the school
Pupils are to:  
  • Walk briskly and not run in non-play areas.
  • Keep to the left when moving along the corridors or at staircases.
  • Move quietly from one place to another at all times.
  • Seek permission to leave the class from class teacher and carry the permission pass with them if they need to leave the classroom.
Use of school lockers
  • Keep extra stationery (for example, drawing paper and art materials).
  • Keep reading materials (for example, story books and magazines).
  • Keep the locker clean and tidy.
  • Keep locker stickers free and graffiti free.
  • Lock your locker.
  • Report any vandalism or spoilt lockers to form teacher.

  • Keep food and drinks.
  • Keep homework and anything else that you will need for revision or practice at home.
  • Keep pets.
  • Keep toys or electronic gaming devices.

Handphone Policy & Prohibited Items

Handphone Policy
  • Handphones should be turned off and kept away in the bag or pockets at all times.
  • Use of handphones is allowed only at the Parents’ Waiting Area.
Prohibited Items
  • All pupils are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.