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Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) play an integral part in the holistic development of our pupils. They provide a pivotal platform for our pupils' character development, allowing them to discover and develop their interests and talents.

In Stamford, all CCAs are involved in at least one Values In Action (VIA) activity every year. Pupils brainstorm on feasible activities, facilitated by their CCA teachers, to care for the less fortunate in society and be considerate users of the physical environment. All CCAs have also embarked on a Progressive Achievement Checklist for their members to identify the acquisition of key skills and knowledge during their CCA sessions.  

CCAs also help nurture qualities such as resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance in the pupils. These qualities will prepare our pupils to adapt and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous world. 



To cater to our pupils' diverse needs and interests, the school offers a wide range of CCAs in the following categories:

 Performing Arts

  • SHINE (Stamford Heartbeat INstrumental Ensemble)
  • Dance
Sports and Games
  • Floorball
  • Football
  • Tchoukball
Uniformed Groups
  • Cub Scouts
Clubs and Societies
  • Art Club
  • Outdoor Activity Club (ODAC)

Stamfordians are highly encouraged to participate in at least one of the 8 CCAs offered for a holistic, well-balanced education.