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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Character and Leadership through Sports and Outdoor Education

Stamford Primary has identified Sports and Outdoor Education (OE) as the focal point in our Learning for Life Programme (LLP).  Implemented since 2015, our LLP adopts a blended E3 approach: Exposure via the PHE curricula and co-curricular programmes, Extension via a Modular CCA programme that bridges PAL and CCA programmes, and Excellence for students who demonstrate requisite aptitude and talents to realise their potential.

Our LLP is based on 3 thrusts to establish the following goals:

•       Character and Leadership Development: To inculcate values such as commitment, perseverance, team spirit, resilience and sportsmanship, and develop leadership qualities in students

•       Broad-Based Development: To build a pervasive sports and OE culture in school as well as encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the long run

•       Sports and OE Excellence : To identify students with talents in sports and OE for grooming towards excellence

Students in Stamford are exposed to a 6-year progressive Sports and Outdoor Education Programme. This includes the P1 and P2 holistic Programme for Active Learning (PAL) which consists of modules from Sports and Games as well as Outdoor Education. Building from the solid foundation acquired from PAL, comes the key component of our LLP - the Modular CCA (MCCA). Targeted at the P3 and P4 students, it comprises 4 modules per level (P3- Swimsafer, Floorball I, Dancesport and Homeskills; P4- Floorball II, Games Introduction, Environment Education and Digital Maker) and is conducted in cycles throughout the year. Vendor-led and teacher facilitated, the Modular CCA is optimised to foster leadership and character development. Designed and tailored to our school’s CCA portfolio, it bridges the foundation building PAL and students’ preferred choice of CCA. Thus, the MCCA provides multiple pathways for aspiring students to build character and leadership in tandem with nurturing and developing students’ interests and abilities in Sports and Outdoor Education.

All P3 to P6 students are offered the opportunity to sign up for their choice of CCA. The variety of CCAs in Stamford provides students with avenues to hone their craft in any of the four broad categories in Physical Sports, Performing Arts, Clubs and Uniformed Group. CCAs also allow students to discover their interests and talents while developing ENRICH values, and foster friendships among students as they learn, play and grow together.

So please support your child as they grow and learn through the sports and outdoors!

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) at SPS: Sports and Outdoor Education



Primary 2

Primary 3 & 4

Primary 5 & 6


Core Curricular

Physical & Health Education


Learning Journeys

P3 & P4 Trip to the Neighbourhood

P5 Cohort Camp (3D/2N)

P5 TIE Overseas Trip


Sports Participation

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


4 Modules (termly):

•   Sports & Games

•   Outdoor Education

•   Visual Arts

•   Performing Arts

Modular CCA (MCCA)


4 Modules per level:

•   Team Sport

   Floorball I and II (P3 & P4)

   Games Introduction (P4)

•   Individual Sport

   Dancesport (P3)

•   Outdoor Education

   Environmental Education (P4)

•   Future-skills

   Homeskills (P3)

   Digital Maker (P4)

Selective CCA


Choice of 8 CCAs:

•   Team Sport (Floorball, Football, Tchoukball)

•   Uniformed Group (Cub Scouts)

•   Performing Arts (Dance, SHINE)

•   Clubs (Art Club, Student Interest Group)

Sports Competitions

· Lower Primary Games Day

· Games Carnival

· Inter-Class Games (ICG)


Selective CCA participation for students with high potential and aptitude

School Representation at External Competitions (e.g. National School Games, Singapore Youth Festival)