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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


         To provide students with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in Sports & Games and Outdoor EducationPerforming Arts and Visual Arts.

          To facilitate the well-rounded development of students in the five broad learning domains of physical, cognitive, social, aesthetics and moral.

         To provide varied avenues for students to develop social and emotional competencies (SEL).


3 C’s:

      Exhibit Confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively

      Exhibit Curiosity and positive attitudes to learn

      Enjoy group experiences and teamwork (Cooperation).

Key Programme

Conducted weekly within curriculum time, PAL provides Primary 1 and 2 students with a broad exposure in all four areas, ‘Sports and Games’, ‘Outdoor Education’, ‘Performing Arts’, as well as the ‘Visual Arts’, each year. These PAL modules incorporate learning in an experiential, creative and enjoyable way. It gives students an opportunity to develop various social and emotional competencies.

Each lesson will revolve around at least one of the ENRICH School Values which are inculcated through many teamwork activities. For example, pupils learn the value of Care through role-playing and learning how to put on a bandage for their friends. The Never-Give-Up spirit is prevalent throughout all lessons as pupils learn to persevere when they try to perfect any new skills taught to them.