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The Aesthetics Department believes that within each child lies an innate capacity for creativity and a heart to love the Arts. We aim to fulfil our mission through a 3E Approach – ‘Expose, Express, Excel’, thereby encouraging pupils to embrace the Arts for life.

Our Department Vision: 

Embracing the Arts for Life 

Our Department Mission:
Developing confidence and pride through the provision of diverse artistic experiences for Stamfordians to appreciate and enjoy



Stamford's Aesthetics Programme takes on a progressive and developmental approach. To cultivate our pupils' interest in the Arts, the school created a vibrant Arts environment that includes several Visual and Performing Arts programme. Pupils will learn a variety of to enable them in communicating their thoughts, ideas and feelings effectively through the Arts. As they progress, they are guided to apply their knowledge creatively in the different Art forms.




Lower Primary

  •      PAL Visual Art
  •      Cartooning

  •      PAL Performing Arts

Middle Primary

  •      Learning Journey
  •     Museum-Based Learning

  •     Learning Journey
  •     Ukulele
  •     Digital Music

Upper Primary

  •     Ceramics
  •     Digital Art

  •     Pop Band
  •     Angklung