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English Language


The EL Department supports the school’s vision Stamfordians of Competence and Character, who Care and Contribute by having the following foci:

Our Vision:

Every Stamfordian, A Confident and Empathetic Communicator, A Discerning Reader and A Creative Inquirer.Our Mission:

To empower Stamfordians to use the English Language with impact, effect and affect such that they will communicate with self-confidence, socio-cultural sensitivity, empathy and a sense of social responsibility.

ENRICH Values in English Language Learners

Esprit de Corps – Working harmoniously by interacting and collaborating meaningfully and respectfully with others to achieve shared goals


Integrity – Articulating ethical principles in the use and exchange of information and expression of ideas


Never-Give-Up – Showing resilience through self-appraising, and self-regulated language learning, and persevering the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and personal growth


Care – Expressing empathy in communication and using language purposefully to contribute to the community


Responsibility – Seeking out accurate, credible and current information to make informed decisions


Humility – Being respectful and humble through appreciating diverse views and adopting appropriate social conventions



1. Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)

STELLAR, aligned to the 2010 EL Syllabus by the Ministry of Education, provides a framework for the teaching and learning of the English Language. It aims to strengthen both language and reading skills, as well as promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundation years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature. 


Learning Support Programme  

The Learning Support Programme (LSP) is an early intervention programme aimed at providing additional support to students who enter Primary 1 with weak English language and literacy skills. Students are identified for the LSP through a systematic screening process. They attend special parallel EL lessons with trained personnel to engage them in activities to help them attain the level of language skills as their peers. Students are discharged from LSP when they meet both of the following criteria: A pass in the school's English Semestral Assessment, Attainment of age-appropriate reading age.  

English Language Week  

The English Language Week is held annually. Activities conducted aim to promote the usage of standard spoken English and spread the joy of learning the language in a fun manner. The students have always enjoyed tremendously the activities conducted for them.

The following were some of the activities conducted: 

  • Readers’ Theatre 
  • Drama 
  • Conversation With Authors
  • Stories ALIVE! with Props
  • Class Reading Aloud Sessions
  • Storytelling Sessions by Parent Volunteers
  • Board Games
  • Craft Work

Prizes are awarded winners of the activities.

Extensive Reading Programme 

The Extensive Reading Programme aims to ignite the passion for reading in every Stamfordian. Class reading aloud sessions are conducted regularly to encourage them to read more, widely and together.The R.E.D programme has been rolled out to all P1 to P3 classes in 2019 with the aim of inculcating the habit of reading in the studetns. All students from P1 to P6 will benefit from this programme from 2020 onwards.  

The R.E.D Programme

The R.E.D programme has been rolled out to all P1 to P3 classes in 2019 with the aim of inculcating the habit of reading in students. All students from P1 to P6 will benefit from this programme from 2020 onwards.