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We believe that every child can be nurtured to have a love for Mathematics and be developed to be an analytical thinker in his or her own way. Through a variety of learning experiences, we want to develop in every student a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and to be able to make sense of various mathematical ideas as well as their connections and applications in the real world.



Our main focus is to build a strong foundation at every level and to emphasise the development of concepts and their underlying processes. Having equipped pupils with a strong foundation in Mathematical concepts, we then provide opportunities for pupils to develop Mathematical problem-solving skills.

CPA Approach to Learning Mathematics
At all levels, we capitalise on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach in teaching and learning. Pupils are encouraged to explore and discuss mathematical ideas through hands-on learning involving interesting manipulatives and learning aids, before they move on to the pictorial and abstract stages.


Learning Support for Mathematics
The department customises the teaching and learning of pupils who are weak in the subject. At P1 and P2, pupils who are weak in the subject are identified and placed in the Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) programme where they receive more individualised attention and the teaching pace is adjusted to suit them.

Problem Solving Approach - RULER
Students uses the RULER approach to guide them in their thinking process. It comprises of 5 steps which students are taught to follow. This includes annotation for understanding, presenting their understanding clearly and selecting the appropriate heuristics to solve the mathematical problem. 


Maths Trails
The maths trails for P1 to P4 aims at providing students with the experience of learning and applying mathematical concepts in realistic environments. At each station within the school, students are tasked to work within their groups to solve the various questions posed.