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Chinese Language


The curriculum is structured to enable every student to achieve as high a level as he/she can. Students who demonstrate exceptional language ability and a strong interest in the subject will be recommended to maximize their potential through the learning of Higher Chinese.

To support students who need more help in the learning of CL, we have piloted the CL Support Programme. The students in this programme will receive differentiated instructions in class to enable them to cope with the common curriculum at P3. We also organize the following cultural and reading activities for students annually: 

  • Chinese New Year Celebration 
  • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 
  • Story Telling Sessions

CL Enrichment - Speech and Drama

The P2 Speech and Drama programme promotes an interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages and provides students with opportunities to use the language. The students enjoyed the lessons as it helps them to gain confidence and build on their interpersonal skills.

The students played the roles of animals to work together to cross the river.


The students played the roles of animals to work together to cross the river.

Using Story to Improve Literacy Learning

Using storytelling in the classroom is one way to address literacy development by improving oral language, reading comprehension and writing. Because of the interrelated nature of the processes involved in reading and writing, storytelling is an effective pedagogical strategy that can woven into instruction to increase students’ competencies in all areas.

Students created the character voices and dramatize the story


Teacher generated discussions during the story telling session, helping the students to comprehend the story before they read independently.

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