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Malay Language


Our curriculum is structured to engage our students in the various classroom as well as outdoor learning experiences so as to maximize students’ learning. Teaching and learning are designed to realize the vision of Arif Budiman – the learned person who contributes to society. Students learn the Malay Language through a responsive curriculum through the use of Tahap (levels of achievement) at key stages to reflect the differentiated learning outcomes for students of different abilities in each of the language skills. This is aligned with the school’s approach to holistic assessment which takes the form of bite-sized formative assessments such as Show & Tell, presentations, quiz, group work and topic conversation throughout the year.

Our approach to teaching is to develop in our students a passion for the language and enhance their proficiency, especially spoken Malay. We emphasize the Baku pronunciation and correct intonation and thus create opportunities for students to speak eloquently through oral practices, conversations, songs and role-plays.

We organize the following cultural activities for students annually: 

  • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight
  • Hari Raya Celebration 

Our students experience the joy of learning ...
  • During MTL Fornight Activities
Students had a great time learning about tea appreciation.
P1 and P2 students learning to play traditional games and participated in the story telling session.
P3 & P4 students showing off their creativity in creating their comic strip on Pantang Larang Orang Melayu.
2.jpgP5 students enjoyed themselves playing the Kompang.
3.PNGP6 Role-playing on Legenda Melayu. Look at how they immersed themselves in their role!

  • During Hari Raya Celebration

Students weaving ketupat and trying on the Malay 
traditional costumes.

  • In Classroom Activities