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We believe that every child can be nurtured to have a love for Mathematics and be developed to be an analytical thinker in his or her own way. We also believe that every child can be a motivated problem-solver as well as a lifelong and innovative Mathematics learner.


Our main focus is to build a strong foundation at every level and to emphasize the development of concepts and their underlying processes. Having equipped pupils with a strong foundation in Mathematical concepts, we then provide opportunities for pupils to develop Mathematical problem-solving skills.
At all levels, we capitalize on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach in teaching and learning. Pupils are encouraged to explore and discuss mathematical ideas through hands-on learning involving interesting manipulatives and learning aids, before they move on to the pictorial and abstract stages.
The department has a Mathematics Vocabulary Immersion Programme for P1 and P2 in which pupils learn words and phrases that are closely related to Mathematics. This enables the pupils to comprehend concepts better and understand what they are tasked to do during Mathematics lessons.

Learning Support for Mathematics

The department customizes the teaching and learning of pupils who are weak in the subject. At P1 and P2, pupils who are weak in the subject are placed in the Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) programme where they receive more individualized attention and the teaching pace is adjusted to suit them.

To hone pupils' skills in word problem-solving, the department has prepared exercises in which the skills of model-drawing and other problem-solving heuristics are taught.


The My-Out-of-Classroom-Activities (MOCA) programme for P1 and P2 and Mathematics Trails for P3, P4 and P5 aim at providing the pupils with the experience of learning and applying Mathematical concepts in realistic environments. Mathematics contests are conducted during both semesters so that pupils have a chance to apply what they have learnt in a fun-filled way. From P1 to P4, geometric topics are integrated with Art, so that pupils can appreciate the beauty of the subject and how it applies to the aesthetics.

Talent Development Programme

The Mathematics component in the school's Talent Development Programme is integrated with the P3, P4, P5 and P6 Mathematics curriculum to enrich pupils' learning. In this programme, high-ability pupils in the respective levels are exposed to enrichment activities and content that are extended from the main curriculum. A handful of pupils from this programme will be selected to represent the school in national Mathematics competitions and activities.