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In this digital-age society, we believe that ICT skills are crucial for every Stamfordian as they grow to make use of ICT to help them learn and perform tasks. Besides the acquisition of ICT skills, we also believe that nurturing our pupils to be discerning and responsible ICT users is just as important.


ICT is used as a vehicle which all departments ride on to achieve a holistic education in a vibrant learning environment for the pupils. The ICT Programme looks into providing opportunities for all pupils to acquire the relevant key skills, preparing them for the 21st Century. To achieve that, we have in place a comprehensive ICT training programme for pupils from P1 to P6. We use the Baseline Standards for ICT to ascertain that our programme is relevant for this purpose.

Pupils will learn a spectrum of skills, from the basics of touch-typing to the use of data collection tools and communication tools.

The ICT department reviews the programmes annually to keep up with the development in technologies and to introduce new activities that we deem useful for our pupils. In line with Master Plan 3, the school is working towards strengthening competencies for self-directed learning and tailoring learning experiences according to the way each pupil learns best.

ICT is incorporated into the curriculum to make learning more effective, engaging and interesting for our pupils. Pupils go to the computer labs for lessons and make use of the mobile lab for outdoor lessons. Subject teachers will guide Stamfordians in using various software, Internet and E-Learning resources, hence, strengthening their ICT skills through consistent practice.

While encouraging our pupils to be technologically savvy, we also recognise the importance of educating our pupils to be discerning and responsible ICT users. Our Cyberwellness Programme educates pupils on potential risks and possible dangers that can take place in the CyberWorld and teaches them the skills to deal with the risks and to protect themselves.