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Physical Health Education (PHE) is an important component of our school's curriculum. It serves to complement other educational aspects in the holistic development of a child. A natural kinaesthetic and cognitive platform for Stamfordians to develop their character and values, PHE's out-of-classroom environment fosters valuable opportunities for them to develop 21st Century Competencies, such as self-management skills, communication, collaboration and information skills. Our PE specialists employ a variety of effective and innovative teaching strategies to inspire our pupils in cultivating a love for learning. Pupils are taught the various learning areas of the 2014 PHE Syllabus through developmentally appropriate activities as we cater to different learning abilities. Our belief is that every Stamfordian can be physically educated. Through our range of PHE curriculum and programmes, we strive to imbue Stamfordians with knowledge, skills and attitude for a lifelong pursuit of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


  1. Games Carnival
  2. Primary 4& Primary 5 Outdoor Adventure Learning Camp
  3. Modular Circuit Co-curricular Activities
  4. Lower Primary Games Day
  5. NAPFA 1.6km Run and 5 Static Stations 
  6. ACES Day
  7. P4, P5 and P6 Inter-Class Games (ICG)
  8. P3 Swimsafer
  9. Road Safety Programme - Traffic Games
  10. Health Fiesta
  11. P6 Post Exam Activities – Bowling & Tag Archery