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Social Studies


At the heart of Social Studies (SS) is the preparation of our pupils to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to better understand the interconnectedness in the world they live in and appreciate the complexities of the human experience. SS helps pupil to attain relevant knowledge and develop thinking skills through authentic learning experiences.

SS seeks to inculcate in pupils a deeper understanding of the values that define Singaporean society and nurture dispositions to show concern for the world they live in and demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others. The curriculum therefore envisions the SS pupil as an informed, concerned and participative citizen who contributes responsibly in the world he/she lives in.


The Social Studies programme aims to enable pupils to understand their social world better and to develop pupils in the areas of knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that they can participate more effectively in the society and environment in which they live.

The Social Studies curriculum which begins at P1 aims to provide pupils a basic understanding of historical, geographical economic and sociological knowledge at the primary level.

Pupils will: 
• know more about the physical environment in Singapore and the world 
• have a better understanding of the key milestones in the nation's history 
• gain insights into how rational decisions are made 
• better understand Singapore's social issues, challenges, and constraints.


Pupils will learn: 
• processes of gathering information from a variety of sources 
• to work effectively as a group to solve problems 
• to express and present information and ideas in oral, visual and written forms.

Values and attitudes

Pupils will: 
• develop a sense of responsibility for their environment 
• learn ways to reflect and solve problems based on rational thinking 
• acquire a tolerance for diverse views and opinions 
• be able to foster a sense of belonging to the nation.