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CCA Recruitment Drive 2019

CCA Recruitment Drive ends on this Friday, 11th Jan 2019. Sign up for your CCA via MCOnline.

Changes to Information in School Diary

Please note that there is a printing error on the information on Page 13 of the School Diary. Take note that the school hours for P3,P4 should start from 7.30am and not 1.50am.

2018 Parent-Child-Teacher Conference

The Parent-Child-Teacher Conference will be held on Tuesday 13 Nov 2018, 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Please book a slot via MCOnline portal.

Exercise Heartbeat

Exercise Heartbeat, held at the National Library on Sept 25, 2018, enacted a scenario where masked gunmen attack the library, and police neutralise the threat. A group of 16 students from our school participated in the exercise.

Lower Primary Games Day

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Clean Plate Campaign

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