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Prize Presentation Day 2021


PPD 2021

Dear Stamfordian Family,

This year’s Prize Presentation Day will be held virtually on 19 November 2021 from 9.00 am -10.30 am.

The theme for the event is ‘Seeding Dreams, Discovering Passions’.

As we celebrate 37 years as a Stamfordian family, we want to affirm and value the efforts of our students and staff who have grown and blossomed through the year. We hope to share the Stamford experience by showcasing the varied opportunities available to our students and celebrate the achievements of our Stamfordians, both young and old, as we give recognition to the place, which has seeded many dreams and enabled the discovery of passions in many others.

To ensure that you have the best virtual experience, the school has provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the event for your kind reference.

Please scan the QR code below or type in the link https://go.gov.sg/sfps-ppd to access the webinar. 

ppd qr.png

PPD Programme Schedule




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Principal’s Address (Live)

GOH’s Address (Live)

Act 1: The Stamfordian Experience


Prize Winners  (P1 and P2)


Audience Engagement (Our hopes for the future)


Act 2: Seeding Dreams


Prize Winners  (P3 and P4)


Audience Engagement


Act 3: Discovering Passions


Prize Winners  (P5 and P6)


Audience Engagement (Congratulatory Messages)


Recognition for Staff


Finale: Voices of Stamford


End of Programme

Common FAQs:

Why is this year’s Prize Presentation Day held virtually?
This year, we are holding Prize Presentation Day differently with the safety of all staff and students in mind. The event will take place on 19 November 2021 via Zoom webinar.
Where can I find the virtual live broadcast link?
The Zoom webinar link that can be accessed on 19 Nov 2021: https://go.gov.sg/sfps-ppd
Zoom Webinar ID: 896 1503 3579
The passcode is 110398
What device do I need to watch the live online broadcast?
Any device that has internet connection and Zoom app installed would suffice.
How long is the whole session? Must I stay online and connected throughout?
The whole session is about one and a half hours. You are advised to continue to watch the broadcast online from the start to end as there are various acts in the programme and audience engagement activities. 
 What time should I start to log in or load the live broadcast?
You can start logging in from 8.50 am onwards. For parents/guardians, please rename your Zoom display name to “Class_Your child’s name”, e.g. “P41_John Lim”.
How can I take photos of the ceremony?
You can choose to screenshot images of the live webinar broadcast with your own device.

Audience Engagement

For Audience Engagement Segment, we are inviting parents/guardians and teachers to send in their congratulatory messages to the Prize Winners. 
Part 1:
Please log onto menti.com and enter the code 3806 640 to share a unique Stamfordian experience.
Part 2:
Please log onto menti.com and enter the code 8867 0527  to share a new activity you have tried this year.
Part 3:
Please log onto menti.com and enter the code 2147 920  to send in your congratulatory messages to our prize winners.