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English Language Week 2019

English Week  2019

"Speak Good English – Your Passport to the World” was the theme of our English Language (EL) Week held in Term 2 Week 2 of the school year. The school was teeming with many different activities - both inside and outside the classroom, much to the students’ delight.

In the Lower Primary classes, students had an intra-and-inter-class Spelling Bee Competition where top spellers from each class were seen vying for the top Spelling Bee Award in the level. Students in the Upper Primary classes came abuzz during a Catch Phrase game as part of their classroom activities.

Students were taken on a trip to the Land of Poetry as part of The Assembly Programme which further reinforced the need to Speak Good English. A myriad of activities were in store for students as part of their recess activities – Fun in Poetry, A treasure hunt and also a Graffiti Wall which gave students an opportunity to pen down their thoughts on the importance of speaking Good English. Overall, the students had a great time participating in the various activities.