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Family Matters @ Stamford

Since April 2009, our school has partnered MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development) to run FamilyMatters @ School Programme, which aims to : 

Equip parents with the skills and knowledge to enrich and strengthen their family life, and foster better parent-child understanding and relationship;

Equip students with life skills, to nurture positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.

With effect from October 2019, MSF has appointed TOUCH Community Services to oversee Family Matters.

Mr Galvin and Ms Jasmine will work closely with our staff, parents and Parents@Stamford Committee to develop and implement programmes, such as parenting talks/workshops and parent-child bonding activities.

We are confident that FamilyMatters@Stamford Primary will go a long way to make a positive impact in helping parents build strong bonds with their children; and pupils to become individuals who are confident, competent, and caring and able to contribute. 



Triple P - Positive Parenting Program  

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