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Parent Support Group

In Stamford, E3 is used to support school-parents collaboration. We Engage, Enlist and Equip our parents as Partners-in-Education.

Stamford engaged our parents through structured communication channels such as termly Principal’s letter, Parent-Teacher Conference, Principal-Parent Dialogue, school website, SPRINT newsletter and annual SPRING magazine.

We also enlist our parents’ assistance in school events and activities, as well as  PSG-led activities, such as Teacher’s Day Appreciation Lunch and gifts. We have a group of active parent volunteers who modelled our ENRICH values of care and contribute when they volunteer in the Regular Assistance, Event Assistance or Project Assistance Teams. 


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In Stamford, we also equipped our parents with skills through parenting workshops by Family Matters.

 Stamford Primary School appreciates the support from our team of active parent volunteers and we look forward to future partnerships with more parents, so that we can bring out the best in our pupils.